Our History

At Gallus, we know that not all chickens are created equal, and we know that you, mon ami, understand this too. It’s this shared love of real chicken that led us to set up our authentic French rotisserie in 2015, putting quality at the centre form the start.

Our A-grade, free range birds are at the very top of the pecking order (sorry), meaning that only the best get to grace our on-site rotisseries, be slow roasted to crispy-yet-tender perfection, and remind us with each bite, what real chicken should taste of.

Hormone-free and entirely halal, we take our fresh farm-to-table philosophy very seriously indeed. Absolutely no fowl play, if you like.

But what of the name? Gallus – the French Rooster – is one of our best loved national emblems. Not least because we get to eat it. Once used to decorate the flags of the revolution, we’ve brought the noble bird all the way from our homeland to rule the roost here in Dubai.

French heart, Arabian soul. Chicken san frontieres. Now what could be better than that?

Les Galusettes

A sweet story of success…

A traditional French dessert that makes you feel that you just came
from an authentic French bake shop for delightful experience.

Because there’s nothing like a good dessert, that comes from fresh handpicked
ingredients. Burst of flavors from the highest quality of products.

This is where Les Gallussettes came from.
A taste of home, away from home…