About Gallus

Way back in the days of myth and legend, when stories were passed down from generation to generation.

There was once a small village tucked away in the hills of France. It was full of honest folk, who worked honest jobs and lived honest lives. One day, a day that seemed like any other, all this was to change.

It was the day when an unusual egg appeared, by the well, in the middle of the village square. As this mysterious egg wobbled to and fro, the startled villagers began to gather around with some caution. The egg rolled, and shuck, and slowly began to crack.

A sudden gasp was heard from the villagers, for the egg had hatched and a beautiful bird-like creature emerged from the broken shell. It ruffled its feathers, stretched its neck and let out a cry, before inspecting the villagers who surrounded it.

From that day forth the bird was known as Gallus Gallus Domesticus, and it lived amongst the villagers forever more – bringing warmth, health and good fortune to all who saw it.

Inspired by this story, Gallus only selects the finest chicken to truss by hand and slow roast in our rĂ´tissoires. Each one is then served to you with a range of beautiful sauces and accompaniments to give it the taste of legend.